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About me


I am making art.


In my head. During my work. On canvas.


Creativity is accompanying for as long as I can remember. Sketching, painting, forming, tooling and creating are like a colored thread throughout my life.


I studied product design at Art Center College of Design (Europe). After a couple of years in product design, I ended up in graphic design and advertising.

Since 1999 I run a small and popular design agency in the south of Germany with my team. Time and space for my free works were scarce.


Then there was Corona.


The situation forced me to pause, to relax and to reposition myself. Within, there was the search for meaning, values, importances, priorities, life, death, place and time.


By far, I could not find all the answers. But one thing became very clear to me: painting and undirected creativity urgently needed to get more time and space in my life.


In this phase, an intense week with Prof. Markus Lüpertz and his tutors at the Kunstakademie Kolbermoor was like a blow of freedom to me.


During summer 2020 I turned my daily routines inside out and now follow my colored thread.


Since then, a part of my office became my studio and our garden grew into my playground where I go wild with easel and color.

Discovering and unfolding colors, forms, abstracts, powerfulness, brightness, calmness, gentleness and dynamics in each painting – as unspecific and free as possible!


That's what I' doing.



Get in tune and tell me, how you perceive my works.


I am excited.





Find my paintings online at Saatchiart.

Do you have questions about my paintings?

My art

Analog, abstract, powerful


Discover colors, shapes, abstract, powerful, bright, calm, gentle and dynamic elements in every painting – as inconcrete, independent and free as possible!

Meine Malerei

Analog, abstrakt, kraftvoll


Farben, Formen, Abstraktes, Kraftvolles, Leuchtendes, Ruhiges, Sanftes und Dynamisches in jedem Bild neu entdecken und entfalten – so unkonkret, unabhängig und frei wie möglich!