Abstract Painting

For me, art means to freely let creativity flow for the sake of it. The process of painting itself is the goal. 


Evolvement, freedom and inspiration in the implementation.


The means of painting analog and big, and with all permission, that touch with their power.


Further conclusions are made by the observer.

My art

Analog, abstract, powerful


Discover colors, shapes, abstract, powerful, bright, calm, gentle and dynamic elements in every painting – as inconcrete, independent and free as possible!

Meine Malerei

Analog, abstrakt, kraftvoll


Farben, Formen, Abstraktes, Kraftvolles, Leuchtendes, Ruhiges, Sanftes und Dynamisches in jedem Bild neu entdecken und entfalten – so unkonkret, unabhängig und frei wie möglich!